70% of Top Crypto Exchanges Registered in Offshore Locations

• 70% of the top 30 crypto exchanges are located in offshore financial centers, such as Seychelles, the Cayman Islands and the British Virgin Islands.
• Out of 30 major exchanges, six of them are incorporated in Hong Kong, accounting for 20%.
• Gibraltar and the British Virgin Islands follow Hong Kong as the second and third by hosting five and four exchanges, respectively.

Offshore Crypto Exchanges

The most recent CoinGecko report revealed that out of top 30 crypto exchanges, 70%, or 21, are registered in offshore financial centers. These locations have flexible regulations and low or zero-taxation schemes which attract businesses from abroad. The most popular offshore financial centers for crypto exchanges are Seychelles, the Cayman Islands, and the British Virgin Islands.

Worldwide Distribution

The top 30 largest crypto exchanges are distributed across 15 countries according to the report. Of these 30 exchanges, 11 are located in North America – with four incorporated in British Virgin Islands (BVI), three in Cayman Islands and two in U.S. When looking at country basis distribution, it appears that Hong Kong is hosting the most number of crypto exchanges – 6 out of the total count – making up for 20%. After Hong Kong comes Gibraltar with 5 hosting exchanges followed by BVI with 4 hosting ones while Seychelles has 3 large crypto exchange hubs namely OKX, KuCoin & MEXC Global.

Analysis & Conclusions

It is clear that cryptocurrency exchanges are taking advantage of tax havens to achieve more freedom when it comes to taxation and other business laws they would be subjected to otherwise within their respective countries. This gives them a great opportunity to expand their operations without much hassle while also providing users a secure platform to trade cryptocurrencies on – something which many users prioritize over tax regulations when selecting an exchange to use. Even though this might not affect one’s decision on which exchange to go for directly but it does provide insight into how much freedom these platforms actually have when it comes to taxes/regulations and how secure one’s funds might be if stored there .

Impact on Crypto Growth

Offshore locations can play an important role towards furthering cryptocurrency adoption since they may serve as a gateway between traditional finance world & blockchain industry where investors can access both markets easily without worrying about restrictions imposed due to their geographical location or regulatory framework applicable thereon . This could lead towards increased liquidity & trading activities thus driving more investments into this space & ultimately spurring growth within entire ecosystem .


Offshore locations offer an attractive option for cryptocurrency businesses who want flexibility when it comes to setting up shop while having access to global clientele base without being subject local restrictions/laws applicable within their own jurisdiction . It is definitely worth taking note of how many major distributed ledger technology companies have opted for jurisdictions like BVI , Cayman Island , etc as their operational base before making decisions related investment/trading opportunities available through them .