Bitcoin Dive Mining: Know Your Advantage

In this work, we present you one of the most profitable ways of generating cryptomonies. It is the mining of Bitcoin by immersion. It is a property that is used mainly in countries with a hot climate or high electricity costs.

It consists of submerging the machines in mineral oil. Once there, and with a series of tools typical of this technique, the miners begin to generate cryptominters like fish in water, literally.

The advantages of this type of mining are enormous. They improve, practically in every way, the process of producing cryptomonies. And best of all, they help preserve the ecology while increasing profitability.

What is Bitcoin dip mining?

Immersion is not a new phenomenon in the computer world. It is a very common action among computer users who tend to overheat because of the work they are subjected to.

As for the equipment that gets hot, the Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) are the most relevant. Minar Bitcoin, involves a lot of work to find and process the blocks. This makes the equipment dedicated to this purpose, are subjected to high temperatures.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin mining by immersion becomes an eminently advantageous alternative. In simple terms, it consists of removing the fans from the machines and submerging them in containers filled with mineral or dielectric oil. Then turn them on and start seeing the results.

Of course, the procedure is not so simple. It has several obstacles to overcome. The first of which is that many people who are not familiar with the subject may be concerned, considering that liquid and electricity are not good friends.

It is important to keep in mind that this type of liquid, or dielectric oil, is the same as that used for electrical transformers. So, if you feel safe using your appliances, remember that the energy your home receives is sent by a device immersed in that liquid.