Craig Wright to Sue Bitcoin Devs in U.K. Court in $2.5B Case

• Craig Wright is suing 15 Bitcoin developers in an attempt to obtain 111,000 BTC worth $2.5 billion
• The U.K.’s Court of Appeal has ruled that developers may owe duties to owners of a blockchain
• If Wright wins the case, the developers could be required to write software patches that would help his company, Tulip Trading, recover the full amount

Craig Wright Suing Bitcoin Developers

Craig Wright is suing fifteen different bitcoin developers in order to regain access to 111,000 BTC – worth $2.5 billion – which he claims was taken from him years ago during a hack. He hopes that if he wins this case, the developers will be forced to write software patches in order for his company Tulip Trading to recover its losses.

Court Rules on Duty of Developers

The U.K.’s Court of Appeal has ruled that bitcoin developers may owe duties to those who own cryptocurrency on their blockchains. Judge Colin Birss stated that there is a „realistic argument“ suggesting they should introduce code which moves crypto into a safe location owned by its owner.

Implications for Developers

If Craig Wright wins this case, then it could have serious implications for the affected bitcoin developers. Not only would they have to pay money out of their own pockets but it could also impact development on a much broader scale too.

Background Information

Craig Wright has had a controversial relationship with the cryptocurrency community due to his insistence that he is Satoshi Nakamoto – creator of bitcoin – although this has never been proven and many people dispute this claim. Despite this, he has had certain legal victories over copyright cases and technical wins and non-final losses in defamation cases as well as pursuing legal action in the UK since 2021 over these issues related to cryptocurrency ownership rights.


It remains uncertain what will happen next with regards Craig Wright’s lawsuit against these fifteen different bitcoin developers but one thing is for sure: if he succeeds then it could have serious repercussions for them as well as wider development on blockchains themselves within the industry now and into the future too so time will tell what happens next here!