Crypto Innovation and Growth: Binance Urges Balanced Regulatory Approach

• Binance urges for a balanced regulatory approach for crypto in order to ensure innovation and growth are not stifled.
• Ripple lawyer claims that the SEC is exploiting legal uncertainty to redefine securities laws.
• Gemini launches derivative platform in 30 countries and Coinbase launches international exchange for institutional traders outside US.

Binance Urges Balanced Regulation

Binance has called for a balanced regulatory approach when it comes to cryptocurrency, so as to ensure innovation and growth will not be hampered. Balaji Srinivasan has doubled down on his $1M Bitcoin bet as an answer to the banking crisis. In addition, a Ripple lawyer has argued that the SEC is taking advantage of legal uncertainties to redefine securities regulations.

Climate Change Tax

President Biden has proposed a bold move with the White House wanting crypto miners to pay 30% climate change tax. The aim of this proposal is to reduce carbon emissions generated by mining operations.

Gemini Launches Derivative Platform

Gemini recently launched its derivative platform in 30 countries across Europe, Asia, and North America. This move aims at providing new opportunities for users so they can manage their risk exposure more effectively or even speculate on price movements within these markets.

Coinbase International Exchange

Coinbase has launched an international exchange which would allow institutional traders outside of the United States to trade Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Trades on this new platform will be settled in USD Coin (USDC), and no fiat on-ramps would be required. Furthermore, Coinbase’s perpetual futures contracts offer up to five times leverage – making it easier for users who wish to gain exposure without having too much capital invested into one particular asset class at any given time.


Overall, these recent developments show how cryptocurrency continues to expand globally with more user-friendly services being offered by various companies in the space such as Binance, Ripple, Gemini and Coinbase – enabling easier access while ensuring safety through regulation compliance where necessary.