Saylor Advocates Bitcoin Adoption, Eyes Global Protocols

• Saylor advocates Ordinals Protocol to enable global Bitcoin adoption
• DOJ charges Nevada man for $45M CoinDeal crypto scheme
• Treasury sanctions Huriya CEO’s Tether address over Russia connections

Global Bitcoin Adoption

Saylor, a leading financial platform, has advocated the use of the Ordinals Protocol to enable global Bitcoin adoption. The protocol is designed to provide users with fast, low-cost and reliable transactions. This could open up new opportunities for businesses and individuals to access a wide range of services such as payments, transfers, savings and investment.

Crypto Schemes

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has charged a Nevada man for his involvement in a $45 million CoinDeal crypto scheme. The individual allegedly used false statements and deceptive practices to lure investors into investing their funds into an unlicensed cryptocurrency trading platform. He also failed to disclose important information about the risks associated with the investment.

Tether Address Sanctions

The U.S. Treasury imposed sanctions on the Tether address of Huriya CEO due to its suspected links with Russian entities. This move highlights the government’s commitment to ensuring compliance with sanctions laws in order to protect citizens from malicious activities related to cryptocurrencies.

Worldcoin Privacy Concerns

Privacy concerns have arisen regarding Worldcoin after a black market emerged that uses iris scans for biometric verification. As more people turn towards digital currencies, it is increasingly important for governments and private organizations to ensure only secure digital environments are created so as not compromise user data or privacy rights.

Market Update

The cryptocurrency market saw net outflows of $0.43 billion over the last 24 hours and currently stands at $1.12 trillion — down 0.04% from Friday’s value of $1.12 trillion . TRON was the biggest gainer among top 10 crypto assets while Solana recorded losses of 1%. The Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) market caps fell 0.01% and 0.5% respectively while Tether (USDT) grew by 0%.